Before the days when flannel was in fashion and ‘alternative’ music became the sound of mainstream radio across the country, a group of friends dared to change the rules where they lived.

Together, Dean Cartwright, Chet Cornman, Scott Hedeen, Steve Messick and Adam Robinson formed a new type of punk band. With influences ranging across the spectrum from the Beatles and early Genesis to DC Hardcore and the Butthole Surfers, Red Weasel was born.

“It was grunge,” says lead guitarist Scott Hedeen. Although at the time, nobody knew what “grunge” was exactly. But in the college town of Salisbury, Maryland, nearly 3,000 miles from Seattle, Red Weasel was making a noise all their own for a group of fans hungry for something more than MTV and radio were force-feeding them.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Red Weasel played shows along the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. and appeared on a few label compilations. Their one and only professional recording, a 7-song EP titled “Rawlsdeeep,” was produced by Simon Jacobsen (SOA, The Snakes), a founding member of the D.C. Hardcore Punk scene.

By the early 90’s the band was over, but the legend of Red Weasel lives on!

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